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Research and Development

Research and Development

Pharmacists in industry are employed in a variety of positions.

Although practice titles, descriptions, and prerequisites differ by company, the educational requirements for these positions are often similar. Citi Pharma industry work in the following areas: research and development all phases of drug product development, sales and marketing, corporate administration, all phases of clinical trials research, drug information, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, health policy, scientific/ professional affairs (e.g., professional relations, professional education, medical science liaison [addressed in a separate profile], medical information), and quality control. Citi Pharma industry corporate facilities are located throughout the country. Regional plants and offices exist throughout the country. R&D pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry spend 29% of their time doing research. This is followed by 16% of their time spent on project management, 15% of their time for department management activities, 9% for personnel management, and 5% for data management. Notably, they also listed that 22% of their time is spent in other activities not listed in the survey. R&D activities may take on many forms ranging from the development of new chemical/drug entities to the evaluation of existing products for alternative indications.

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